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How Much Is Weight Of Lathe Machine?

The weight of the lathe machine depends upon its size and the nature of functions that are performed by the lathe machine. You can find the weight of the standard lathe machine with different sizes in the following table.

What Is The Size Of The Lathe Machine?

The lathe is a very powerful machine that is used to shape any metal or material. The size of a lathe machine depends upon its chuck. You can take the length of the chuck to measure its size which means the amount of material that the lathe machine can accommodate. Generally, its size comes between 4.5 feet (for portable/ mini lathe machine) to 16 feet (for extra heavy duty lathe machine).

Where To Buy A Lathe Machine?

The following are the main parts of a lathe machine. • Headstock • Tailstock • Lead screw • Feed rod • Handwheel • Carriage • Bed

What Are The Main Parts Of The Lathe Machine?

Alnoor machinery is the proud producer of all ranges of lathe machines and delivers them across the world. You can find a wide range of lathe machines at the website of Alnoor machinery for your organization and workplace.

Where To Buy Lathe Tools And Parts?

The availability of tools and parts of the lathe machine is very important before buying it. If you are also looking for lathe machine tools and parts then Alnoor machinery is producing and providing all types of lathe tools and parts to its valuable customers. We have a wide range of premium lathe tools and parts.

Wood Lathe Machine Price In Pakistan?

Wood lathe machines are specially designed for woodworking related tasks and by using them we can drill, cut, deform and modify wooden pieces. Their standard operating procedure is like all other conventional lathe machines. In Pakistan, the estimated price of wood lathe machines is 60,184 PKR.

What Is Mini Lathe Machine And Its Prices?

A mini lathe machine is also called a portable lathe machine because of its size and small scope of operations. It is used in small organizations and workplaces. It is used to remove the metal from the outside of the diameter and turning it into the desired shape after reduction. Mini lathe machines are widely used for making chair spindles, bottle stoppers, hollow vessels, etc. The price of the mini-lathe machine lies between 220,000 to 300,000 PKR.

Cnc Lathe Machine Price In Pakistan?

The computerized numerical control lathe machine is also known as the CNC lathe machine. It is a fully automated machine because it takes digital data and a computer program is used to control and monitor the movement of this machine. It works using a series of motors installed in it and it is comparatively very expensive than a conventional lathe machine or manual lathe machine. Its price lies in between 0.7 to 6.8 million PKR.

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