Portable Mini Lathe Machines Price and Specs in Pakistan

What is Portal Lathe Machine?

A portable lathe machine (or a kharad machine in the local language) is also called a mini lathe machine due to its size and operations performed by it. Alnoor machinery is the leading firm in the manufacturing of portable lathe machine that is highly capable of performing diverse functions because our lathes are highly rigid and produce smooth turning surface that makes them chatter-free due to their premium quality.

Where to Use Portable or Mini Lathe Machines?

These portable lathe machines are used in different industries. It is easy to move this lathe machine from one place to another. It occupies less space and is equally useful in any atmosphere. These portable lathe machines are used for doing wooden work and making bottle stoppers, drawer pulls, chair spindles, hollow vessels, and table legs. We can use any kind of material in mini lathe machine like aluminum, plastic, titanium, or steel.

Price of Portable Mini Lathe Machine

A portable lathe machine comes in the different price ranges. You can find a mini lathe machine in different price ranges depending upon its model, size, and specifications. These portable lathe machines include bench lathe, mill lathe combo machine, small metal lathe, etc. portable or mini lathe machines are also designed to perform multipurpose tasks and they are very easy to operate and you don’t need much expertise to use these machines.

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