Heavy Duty Lathe Machines in Pakistan – Specs and Prices

What are Heavy Duty Machines?

Heavy-duty machines are being widely used in different industries around the globe because these machines are self-powered, self-propelled, and are capable of doing big tasks in a very efficient way. Their hardness is sometimes higher than hard chrome plated surface or steel so the protection of these machines is also very important to achieve a long life span of these machines without any troubleshooting.

Heavy-duty Lathe Machines:

A lathe machine is also an example of a heavy-duty machine that is also known as a universal machine because this is used to perform various tasks such as boring, threading operation, spiral cutting, grinding, shearing, polishing, and other forms of deformation.

It is interesting to know that the lathe machine is also called the mother of all machines because the lathe was the first machine that leads to the invention of all other machine tools. The main function of the lathe machine is to remove the extra material from the workpiece and convert that into the desired shape and size. The main parts of a lathe machine are headstock, tailstock, feed rod, hand wheel, chip pan, and lead screw.

Estimated Price of lathe Machine:

The price of the lathe machine depends upon its size and function mostly so you can find a wide range of its price and specifications. You can contact us here for an instant quote. We will send you up-to-date prices and pictures of your required lathe (Kharad) machine.


If we talk about the specifications of a lathe machine then it is generally specified in the following means.

  • Swing of the lathe machine which is also called the maximum diameter.
  • The minimum and the maximum length of the workpiece which is going to be held between the headstock and tailstock.
  • Length and width of the bed.
  • Size and horsepower of the electric motor which is going to be used in a lathe machine.
  • Type of chuck used in lathe machine e.g. 3 Jaw or 4 Jaw and dependent or independent movement of these jaws.

Manufacturers and Vendors of New and Used Lathe Machines

Lathe machines are widely manufactured and sold by different organizations in the world. Different vendors are also selling used lathe machines. You can also purchase a lathe machine from online stores. In Pakistan, Alnoor machinery is the proud manufacturer of lathe machines that are providing a wide range of lathe machines with superior quality.

Available Models in the Market

Different models of lathe machines are available in the market which depends upon its size. These models consist of light duty lathe machines, heavy-duty lathe machines, medium duty lathe machine, extra heavy duty lathe machine, and CNC lathe machine. These lathe machines have different model numbers according to their specifications and grading. Check all Lathe machine models and pictures here.

Real Images of Heavy-duty Lathe Machines:

Have a look at a few pictures of real Lathe Machines given below:

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