Best Shaper Machines (Randa Machines) for Sale in Pakistan – 2021

Shaper machines are widely used in different industries and we can define a shaper machine as a reciprocating type of machine. This is used to produce flat, vertical, or horizontal surfaces by holding the single point cutting tool in the ram, and the workpiece is attached to the table for smooth operations of it. If we talk about the working of a shaper machine then it processes to remove metal from the surface by using a single-point cutting tool in a linear direction across the workpiece held on the table of the machine and creates vertical, horizontal, and angular planes.

Shaper Machines Price in Pakistan – Available for Sale only at Al-Noor Machinery:

If we talk about the price of shaper machines in Pakistan then it depends upon the model of the machine based on the measurement of the shaper machine that is in inches of mm. Alnoor machinery is providing its valuable customers the best range of finest quality shaper machines at very competitive prices. So you can order us any shaper machine which is available in Pakistan. You can find the prices of different shaper machines in Pakistan in the below-mentioned table.

Serial Number Model of Shaper Machine Total Length of Stroke Price of Machine in PKR.
Inches MM
1 SM 001 14 350 Get Quote
2 SM 002 18 450 Get Quote
3 SM 003 20 500 Get Quote
4 SM 004 22 550 Get Quote
5 SM 005 24 600 Get Quote
6 SM 006 26 650 Get Quote
7 SM 007 28 700 Get Quote
8 SM 008 30 750 Get Quote


Wooden Shaper Machines:

Wooden shaper machines are used in the wooden industry to give shapes to wooden pieces. A wooden shaper machine is defined as a stationary woodworking machine having large durable cast iron tables to make it convenient to manage heavier projects. It has a spindle that can spin at two different speed ratings for smooth operations.

Plastic Shaper Machines:

Plastic shaper machines are used in the plastic industry where you can manufacture different products based on plastic material with the help of these plastic shaper machines. You can convert the plastic material into different shapes by using these machines. You can order a plastic shaper machine by just visiting the Alnoor machinery website to get the best plastic shaper machines.

Shaper Machine Parts in Pakistan:

A shaper machine consists of different parts whose easily available at a reasonable price is necessary for the smooth running of shaper machine operations. Alnoor machinery is offering the following shaper machine parts for its valuable clients.

  • Base

As described by its name base provides necessary base support for all tools attached with a shaper machine.

  • Table

The table is used in shaper machines to give support to the workpiece and make it more rigid.

  • Column:

It is an important part of the shaper machine that is mounted in the base of a machine and is made of cast iron.

  • Cross rail:

Cross rail is attached with the front vertical surface of the shaper machine around its column.

Randa Machine:

A planner machine is known as the Randa machine in Urdu local language. It is used in linear relative motion between the cutting tool and the workpiece to make the workpiece rough lumber smooth and cleanup swan edges.

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