Conventional Lathe Machines in Pakistan – Price & Specs

What is a Conventional Lathe Machine:

There are two types of lathe machines according to their nature, performance, and their operating procedure so one of them is a conventional lathe machine and the second is a computer numerical control lathe or CNC lathe machine. In a Conventional lathe machine, a human operator is required to move the lathe machine and rotate it in axis and there is no computer available for you to control the lathe machine cutting tools.

Estimated Price of Conventional Kharad Machine:

If we talk about the estimated cost or price of conventional lathe machines then it depends upon the sizes and functions of these lathe machines.

  • A mini or portable lathe machine with 4.5 feet size will cost you approximately PKR 145,000/-.
  • A light-duty all gear lathe machine is quite costly than a mini lathe machine and it comes in 2 sizes 5 feet and 6 feet. The average price of this lathe machine is between 292,000 PKR to 394,000 PKR.
  • If we talk about heavy duty lathe machine then it comes in size ranging from 7 feet to 14 feet and used for industries. Its average price range is calculated between 671,000 PKR to 1,060,000 Pakistani rupees.
  • The final form of conventional lathe machines is extra heavy duty all gear lathe machine whose size is 16 feet and it will cost you 3.4 million to 4.6 million PKR.

Size of Lathe Manual Machine:

Note that the size of a conventional lathe machine is its chuck diameter which is applied on a workpiece.

Specifications of Conventional Lathe Machine:

Now if we talk about the specifications then the following are the main specs of a standard conventional lathe machine.

  • Its minimum range of swing over machine bed is 350 mm.
  • In the case of swing over cross slide, its minimum range is 190 mm.
  • The distance between centers is different but for a standard conventional lathe machine, it is between 750 to 800mm.
  • The turning length of a lathe machine is also almost equal to the distance between centers and it is 700 to 750 mm.
  • The minimum width of the bed is 260 mm for the smooth and convenient functioning of the lathe machine.

Working Operation:

These conventional lathe machines are used for sanding, cutting, drilling, deformation with other various tasks that they can perform and they use to rotate workpieces in an axis of rotation. The lathe machine holds the workpiece material between two hard and rigid grips called the center, chuck, or faceplate.

Manufacturers and Vendors in Pakistan:

Conventional lathe machines are available all over the world and different manufacturers are producing these machines which are also readily available through vendors. Alnoor Machinery is a prominent name in the field of manufacturing of these conventional lathe machines in Pakistan and you can contact from any city like Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi for delivery. Check Lathe Machines Collection in Pakistan.

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