Lathe Machine Parts and Tools List with Prices in Pakistan 2020 (Updated)

A lathe machine consists of many tools and their smooth running is necessary to get the maximum output from the machinery. The main question that arises in the mind of every buyer before buying a lathe machine is whether its parts are easily available or not and if all lathe machine tools are available then what is the price of these tools?

Alnoor Machinery is producing all types of premium lathe machines and we are also providing lathe machine tools at a very competitive price with no compromise on quality. Here we have updated the list of lathe machine tools and parts with their prices so you will not be confused about parts’ availability and price while buying a lathe machine.

Lathe Machine Parts:

  • Headstock:

It is the important part of a lathe machine that is at the left side of the standard lathe machine and it is furnished with speed gear, chucks, spindles, levers which control gear speed and feed controllers.

  • Tailstock:

Contrary to the headstock, the tailstock is located at the right side of the lathe machine to apply support to the rotator axis.

  • Bed:

It is the main part of a lathe machine because all the other parts are jointed to the bed.

  • Carriage:

This part of the lathe machine is placed between the tailstock and headstock to guide the tool when it cuts a workpiece.

  • Lead screw:

The lead screw is used to make threads and for making threads, it rotates the carriage automatically at a defined speed.

  • Handwheel:

It is defined by its name which means a wheel that is operated by hand. It is used to rotate or move a cross slide, carriage, tailstock, and all other parts of a lathe machine.

Lathe machine tools:

The following tools are used widely in the lathe machine.

  • Turning tool:

A turning tool is used to obtain the finished surface because it removes the extra material from the workpiece and gives a useable look to that piece.

  • Facing tool:

The facing tool is utilized to decrease the length of the workpiece and its cost depends upon its size and requirements.

  • Drilling tool:

In a lathe machine, a drilling tool is used to make holes in solids and metals.

  • Boring tool:

The boring tool is used to increase the size of a hole with slow speed but with maximum torque. It is used at those workpieces where the drilling machine is failed.

  • Threading tool:

A threading tool is used to make threads. These threads are further classified into internal and external threads that are made on a workpiece.

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