Pillar Industrial Drill Machines in Pakistan – Sale Price 2021

If we talk about pillar / industrial drill machines then these machines are defined as free-standing machines that work with the help of a motor that rotates a drill bit. These drill bits are used to cut holes with different diameters according to the capacity and size of the machine into different types of material for example; metal, wood, or plastic. The size of a pillar/ industrial drill depends upon its capacity and size so a pillar drill can be as smaller as it can be fit onto a table i. e bench pillar drill or it can be as big as a human.

Best drilling machines for industrial use in Pakistan:

There is a variety of drilling machines in Pakistan which are being used in different industries. So you can find a big range of drilling machines with their specifications and details at the website of Alnoor machinery. We are offering the best drilling machines for industrial use in Pakistan in different sizes based upon drilling capacity in mm. Currently, we are offering different drilling machines in a range between 13 mm to 40 mm.

Specifications, sizes, and features of  Industrial Drill Machines:

Drilling machines have different features and specifications according to their size that is measured in mm according to their drilling capacity. You can find the specifications and features of different drill machines given below the table.

Specifications Size of machines (mm)
13 19 25 32 38
Capacity of drilling in steel 13 19 25 32 38
Maximum travel spindle 133 152
Diameter 46 73 336 381 545
Base area 235 X 372 495 X 310 304 X 330 710 X 445 450 X 600
Spindle nose bore MT-1 MT-2 MT-3 MT-3 MT-4
Electric motor 0.5 HP 0.75 HP 1 HP 1.5 HP 2 HP
Gross weight 310 650 940
Net weight 44 101 180 250 550


Floor-standing/desk standing drilling machines:

A floor-standing/desk standing drilling machine is a powerful tool that is mounted with a stand to perform its operations. It can be bolted to the floor or workbench and it is named differently like bench drill, drill press, or pillar drill but if we talk about uses of such drilling machines then these drilling machines use motors to bore holes in a different type of materials like steel, wood, and plastic.

Best Prices of Pillar Industrial Drill Machines in Pakistan and where to buy them?

You can find the pillar Pillar Industrial Drill Machines in Pakistan in different price brackets depends upon their size, specifications, and features. For the best prices of pillar drill machines, you just have to do contact Alnoor machinery because we are producing and selling such machines made with premium quality material. You can get these machines at the following prices.


Size of Machine Price in PKR
13 mm Get Quote
19 mm Get Quote
25 mm Get Quote
32 mm Get Quote
38 mm Get Quote


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